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The HFA is a relatively new organization formed in February 2000 it incorporates hauliers from the old Trans-Action (North East) with the aim of pressurising ministers into creating tax and subsidy harmonisation across the E.U.

Desperation was the catalyst which caused ordinary, honest, hard working people to form an organization which none of us could have possibly envisaged being involved in a few years ago.

The apparent aim of the UK government is to destroy, by taxation, our industries. Hundreds of haulage companies large and small have lost their livelihoods because of the greed of the government.

We all have our own views on the performance of our Trade Organizations during these last few catastrophic years, the delaying tactics employed by the government with the Forum farce and we are now waiting for the results of the Transport Select Committee to be published. The HFA does not think for one minute that anything of credence will come from the committees findings even though they are confronted by irrefutable, overwhelming evidence of EU tax differentials.

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